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Dolly & Me

Dip Amp - Membership  of  I.E.P - I.A.A.T - A.M.M.T

I have been around horses from a young age & started working with horses straight from school in English and Western styles.

Having owned horses throughout this time &  more recently my beautiful Grey mare.

Sometimes the horse chooses you, for whatever reason, its then up to you to listen to that reason. 

She was the reason that I started my education with

Equine Body Work & Holistic Therapies.

Qualifying in Equine & Canine Merishia Massage, which is a Soft Tissue Therapy & Gentle Mobilisation Techniques, Cranial Work and Myofascial Release.  Qualifying with 'Horse's Voice' on the Certification course for Equine Energy & Connection.

As a Reiki Master I use Reiki/Energy in my sessions with your horse to promote a Calm & Connected way of treating & working.

I am a member of The Association of Merishia Massage Therapists also  I.A.A.T International Association of Animal Therapists and I.E.P International Equine Professionals which guarantee a continued high standard of care, training and ethics.

I continue to work on my professional development & knowledge of the whole horse.

Helping Horses to release tension, stress & restrictions in their whole body  promoting balance for

Body, Mind & Spirit

creating a Happier Healthier Horse

Building a Bond

Image by James Everitt

Breathe !

Put your hand on your horse 

Be in that moment with your horse.

I will often use a combination of therapies during the treatment as required and will continually assess both the physical and psychological state of your horse to ensure that the treatment is both

Effective and Enjoyable for your horse.


 Consult & treatment Equine

Includes full history of the horse to be taken, conformation assessment, locomotion assessment, hands on assessment and bodywork session  with aftercare advice.

Please allow around 1.5  hours for an Initial Session, although the treatment time is appropriate for each individual horse and may sometimes take longer.

Flexible appointments to suit you


 Consult & treatment Canine

Includes full history of the dog, locomotion assessment, hands on assessment, bodywork session & aftercare advice. 

Please allow 1.5 hours for initial visit.

Thank you so much for Peg's treatment yesterday, she has been very chilled since! I really love the way you are with her, she knows you like her and responds well to you. You just get her completely & I'm very thankful that she has you helping her become the best version of herself that she can be. I wouldn't want anyone else treating her. xx


When you've been doing energy, breath work & communicating with your ponies all along without realizing it.  Mainly due to your lack of self belief in ability & then you speak to a wonderful professional about the way you interact with our ponies on a daily basis and it all comes to light. Thank you so much for your time the other day Helen, you helped way beyond the initial reason you came and I am so so grateful for your guidance in furthering all I am already doing. Charlotte

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Improves flexibility & range of movement

Improves recovery or rehabilitation

Improves stiffness & tight joints

Improves compensation patterns & tension in older horses

Releases tension & aids relaxation

Simulates Circulation

Improves awareness to the body (Proprioception)

Enhances & maintains general well being

Equine Massage

Working with your horse in a Stress Free Treatment using Merishia Massage Techniques & Soft Tissue therapy. Effective in the prevention of injury  & help to improve performance. Massage can help to eliminate muscle pain, stiffness, tension through muscles and connective tissues. Massage can help to relax your horse physically & mentally in whatever discipline you & your horse enjoy from hacking, competing or a quieter non ridden life - massage can benefit horses at any age, breed or level of work.

Cranial Therapy

Can help to Release Tension, Stress & Muscle Restrictions, improving movement  & balance. Placing highly sensitive hand  & finger pressure to specific points which may be anywhere on the horse's body to suit the individual needs of each horse at that particular moment & time.

Myofascial Release Therapy

This is a Gentle Soft Tissue Treatment, using  a light touch which works with the body in order to achieve a release. Working in a relaxed way so the horse does not brace or tighten whilst having the treatment & so benefiting more. The beauty of MFR is that the more the body releases the overall healthier & better functioning it becomes & quality of life can be massively improved.

Reiki / Energy

Works on different levels with the Physical - Mental - Emotional & Spiritual. Enhancing everything in life ..... One of the greatest Reiki healing health benefits is stress reduction & relaxation which triggers the body's own natural healing abilities helping improve & maintain health.

Photonic Red Light Therapy

Increases the Production of Endorphins assisting in Pain Relief.

Relieves muscle tightness & soreness

Activates Acupressure points ( needle less acupuncture)

Relieves acute & chronic pain

Increases Collagen production

 Dorset, United Kingdom

07985 757 802

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